Howdy Y’all


Hello, Timeless Friends ..  for 10 years we’ve been in your homes throughout SE Texas and up into the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  We’ve been thrilled to host you in our stores and now  we’re excited to start sharing with you here.  Mostly about the goings-ons of this ‘tiny little business that could’ but also sharing our tips, tricks, decorating ideas and staging secrets. Please send us your feedback as we take this journey together!  We hope you will find a little something to take away or have a laugh. So, today we’re doing Market and for the first time, we’re doing it all online.  It’s daunting!  It’s exhausting!  It’s a crazy amount of hours … our eyes are starting to blur and our backs hurt.  Ha!  It’s just like regular market in person!  The only difference is there’s less free wine.  That’s okay, we’re no dummies, we bring our own wine to this party! More to come with new product pics … stay tuned!

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